Saturday, April 3, 2010

Island Spotlight: Les Caraibes

As soon as I got out of the car, I was overwhelmed by the stunning atmosphere of Les Caraibes Resort. I don't usually like resorts too much, but I instantly knew I would love it here.

The shoreline was gorgeous, and the weather was perfect. I had a chance to kayak, and the view of the mountains and coastline created a total Kodak moment. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera because a slight spill into the pristine waters would have destroyed it, so no breath-taking pictures were taken at that moment. The friends I was with played volleyball on the beach court, and I have to admit, while competition was heated at times, everyone had fun. We maintained the same teams every game, which did nothing to take away from the competitive attitude.

After finishing each volleyball session, I would always make sure to take a running jump into the lightly rolling waves to cool off. The placid waters were like a rippling sheet of glass; I could see the sandy bottom at all times. There were also plenty of flat stones scattered in the sand, so I got to work a little bit on my stone-skipping as well. After tossing about every rock I could find, I noticed a couple henna artists that had a stall by the beach, and I got Superman’s “S” on my chest. I couldn’t resist; I had a dream the night before of getting the exact same henna work. Who am I to argue with fate?

After hours of mercilessly conquering volleyball opponents, fighting the ocean’s might, flinging small boulders, and becoming a superhero, it shouldn’t even be necessary to mention that I worked up quite an appetite. Luckily, the kitchen staff at Les Caraibes is top notch. Every meal was a new adventure, and I zestfully devoured anything the waiters put in front of me.

Choosing a favorite is next to impossible, because each dish seemed to get better and better. Spicy crawfish, crispy eggrolls, succulent glazed pork, expertly seasoned fish garnished with lemon and vegetables, and delicious desserts such as a refreshing frozen fruit crumble and rich leche flan stick out in my mind as some legendary indulgences to my taste buds that I experienced that weekend.

After taking the obligatory post-feast nap and enjoying another healthy dose of sea breeze and the cool waters, the sun started to creep down and I knew another dimension of fun was soon to begin. Slowly but surely, people started drifting into the resort’s bar area, where upbeat music was playing and a small group of guys was busy perfecting their darts game. The great ambiance was only surpassed by the skills of the bartenders. Any drink my buddies or I could think of, they were able to pull it together and do it with style. I witnessed everything served from margaritas to B-52 shooters to Pastis (a French drink that is like the little brother of absinthe). If beer is more your speed, the bartenders are also experts at prying off bottle caps, so you can rest easy.

For those who prefer not to drink alcohol at all, I highly recommend Les Caraibes’ refreshing selection of shakes. The flavors range from fruit-based like pineapple or mango with a splash of grenadine (my all-time favorite shake) to ice cream-based shakes filled with chocolate-banana goodness (a close second favorite).

When the long night of revelry and merrymaking with my friends was at a close, I retired to my welcoming and comfortable bed with amazing memories and slowly drifted off to sleep looking forward to more adventures the next day.

I had an outstanding time at Les Caraibes, and I have no reservations about recommending it to anyone and everyone as a phenomenal vacation spot. If you want to contact them to visit or book a room, here is their website for more information:


  1. very interesting, i hope you enjoy every single moment of your stay in the country!

  2. Thanks Felixander! It is an amazing place!!! :-)

  3. Im planning to be here next week. Do you really think this is a good place?