Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hotdog + Waffle = Delicious?

Many of my Stateside readers may have never thought of combining a breakfast food with a lunchtime grill favorite, but I can assure you that whoever thought of it was a very enlightened man (or woman). At first look, I was rather skeptical as to the potential of this Filipino specialty. However, the time happened to be past the early morning, but not quite noon, so I figured "Why not?" I am glad I took a chance on this tasty snack three years ago; it satiated my hunger and soothed my soul. In that moment of the first savory bite, the world actually seemed to make a little more sense. And for the record, they're great at any time of the day. :-)

You can find these perfect little snacks at about any mall, and some street vendors. You can also get ham and cheese waffles, and dessert chocolate-stuffed waffles, among other varieties. I know it sounds odd, but go for it! You won't be disappointed.

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